WHY? UniMex Medical Exams Management was established to fulfill the recognized need for improvement in the medical reporting field — in both content and service — for compensation boards, insurance carriers, attorneys and the courts.

WHO? UniMex Medical Exams Management is an organization of service oriented, caring employees, with over 35 years of collective experience, who have networked thousands of Doctors, worldwide, to provide the highest quality independent medical examinations available today.

WHAT? UniMex Medical Exams Management surveyed the needs of its prospective clients and received the following repeated comments:

  1. The reports we receive do not properly answer the questions we ask.
  2. Turnaround time is slow
  3. We, our current IME service, find it hard to locate the proper, qualified examiners to fulfill our medical reporting requirements.
  4. We constantly need to follow up on the reports we’ve requested.
  5. A great many of our examiners do not wish to testify as to the results of their findings.
  6. We can’t find examiners for malpractice or chart review assignments.
  7. The reports we receive are vague and inconclusive.
  8. There are too many ‘no-shows’.

UniMex Medical Exams Management has analyzed these comments and complaints and found solutions to each!

WHEN? Now! We know all too well that there is a fair amount of competition for your medical examination business. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our superior ability by testing us on a few of your next assignments! We know that we will earn your business, given the opportunity to demonstrate the efficiency and thoroughness of our service.

WHERE? Although our efforts commenced in the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan areas, we now network thousands of Doctors and are in a position to have your exam conducted in any part of the world!

HOW? That’s the easy part; just pick up the phone and call us at (800) 524- 5585. We will be happy to speak with you, at no obligation, and explain fully why you have everything to gain and nothing to lose in trying the UniMex Medical Exams Management professional way of fulfilling all your Health Care Reporting needs!



Why Should I Test UniMex Medical Exams Management?

UniMex Medical Exams Management provides a valued and cost effective service in this period of work force reductions, where claims adjustors are experiencing increased work loads.

We couldn’t handle the complete settlement of a claim on a bet!! However, we have found a niche in providing a small and time consuming, yet very important slice of the claims settlement process… the I.M.E.

The following schedule estimates the time it will take your claims adjustor to address all the facets of completing a proper, quality and timely IME report.

Although we consider the 70 minute time estimate conservative, if we cut that number in half we’re still dealing with approximately 35 minutes, multiplied by the number of IME’s requested per week. This time could be better spent in the monitoring and settlement of claims, which after all, is the ultimate function of a Claims Adjuster.

Simply stated we are exclusively geared to the function of conducting IME’s more efficiently then is within the capability and cost effectiveness of our clients.

We should also mention that by utilizing UniMex Medical Exams Management Services, we add to the “arms length”, INDEPENDENT nature of the examination. Our latest efforts to save you valuable time now includes UniMex Medical Exams arranging for a representative to come to your office, at our expense, for the purpose of photocopying medical records relative to your IME request.

Lastly, we are better equipped to handle any follow-up or changes required of the examining doctor. UniMex Medical Exams Management has grown rapidly by acquiring and keeping our valued clients. Try us and learn why our clients continue sending their IME requests to UniMex Medical Exams Management.


Time Breakdown for Processing an Independent Medical Examination

1. Find qualified specialist and reserve time and date for IME – 10 min.
2. Notify Claimant by phone – 5 min.
3. Send written confirmation to:

  • Claimant
  • Client
  • Doctor
  • Workers Comp Board
  • Treating Doctor
  • Attorney 10 min.

4. 24 hour advance reminder to claimant of appointment – 5 min.
5. Contact Doctor to see if claimant showed – 5 min. Redo all of the above f claimant “No Showed”
6. Dun Doctor for report – 10 min.
7. Review report in conjunction with Exam Request Form to Check for conformity – 10 min.
8. Call for addendum, if required – 10 min. 9. Follow-up for #8 requests – 5 min.

Total 70 min.
Remember, we will arrange to photocopy your medical records at no additional charge!!!