UniMex Medical Exams Management┬áhas developed a highly sophisticated, “State of the Art”, computerized system to organize, track, and report each exam requested by its clients.

Upon receipt, each request is reviewed for purpose and clarity. If there are any questions regarding the nature of the request, UniMex Medical Exams Management will contact you to assure that the request is properly defined, from inception, thereby avoiding unnecessary confusion and delays.

Once a request is clearly understood, it is “logged in” and computer-matched to an appropriate, board certified, UniMex Medical Exams Management-qualified and UniMex Medical Exams Management-indoctrinated specialist.

Phone calls are made to the Examiner, the Patient and/or his Attorney to arrange for an available, mutually convenient date and location for the exam. The date and time are entered into our system and notifications of the exam date are mailed to all parties, including the Workers Compensation Board where applicable. Reconfirming letters are sent and/or reminder phone calls are made within twenty-four hours of the scheduled examination.

This procedure drastically reduces “No Show” costs.

Once the examiner completes the physical exam, the report is sent directly to UniMex Medical Exams Management Quality Evaluation Department for review. The initial report is then compared to the original request to assure that your specific questions have been answered in a clear and congent manner. If necessary, corrections or addenda are obtained. Only then is the final reviewed report submitted to all parties.

The foregoing Professionally supervised quality-evaluation procedures insure that you receive the conclusive reports that you expect in a prompt and professional manner.

The UniMex Medical Exams Management program monitors the work flow to protect against things “falling between the boards”. Our failsafe procedures incorporate tracking and follow-up steps right down to UniMex Medical Exams Management confirming our client’s receipt of reports and reminders of follow-up, where required. Therefore, you are able to concentrate on the decision and claims management functions which truly demonstrate your value, skills and talents.

The message is, “When UniMex Medical Exams Management receives and assignment, the work is completed properly, the first time, and on time“. We accept the responsibilty of follow up, not you!

UniMex Medical Exams Management is continuously researching and evaluating new physicians and supplementing its vast consultant database. All UniMex Medical Exams Management Examiners are successful, privately practicing medical professionals. We ensure a constant source of capable examiners, in varying specialties and in conventient locations, on a worldwide basis, guaranteeing highly qualified and properly trained specialist required for each examination. Each will testify as to the results of his findings.

Whenever a malpractice case is requested, UniMex Medical Exams Management will only assign the case to a Practitioner capable of and prepared to testify in an arbitration or court proceeding.

Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our superior ability by testing us on a few of your next assignments!

Call us at (800) 524-5585 . We will be happy to speak with you, at no obligation, and explain fully why you have everything to gain and nothing to lose in trying the UniMex Medical Exams Management professional way of fulfilling all your Health Care Reporting needs!